Your Biz Your Way Blogfest

If you are reading this for the first time and wondering who she is: scoot over to Judith Morgan’s website. I have also read (and recommend) her book “Your Biz Your Way” if you are running or planning to run your own business. It’s a straight-talking, humorous, female-centric book that sets fire to all the excuses holding you back.

The reason this blog exists….is because of this post.
Back in the heady days of January, Judith announced she was running a blogfest.  “Great!” I said. “Count me in – I am setting a blog up”. Judith kindly took me at my word, meaning I actually had to come up with the goods.

Accountability with a deadline. Oh, bugger.

So, in the spirit of running before I could crawl, I plunged into writing articles, sourcing pictures and inwardly quivering about launching a public blog.

But I took action.

And this is the one thing I want you to take away from this post today.

  • It does not matter if you have the most perfect plans in the world.
  • It does not matter how good (or bad) you think you are.
    It does not matter if you need to learn as you go or beg and borrow help to make it happen.
  • What matters is that you take action.

As I have noted elsewhere, humans are social animals and my fears of letting Judith down were infinitely more than appearing foolish on the Internet. So…this blog happened. I also learned a lot along the way and here are my responses to Judith’s blog fest questions.

“How do you run your own business your own way?”
Messily. Life is not tidy and neither are my various business ventures. I am (by trade) a digital marketer and I keep my finances flowing with a select group of clients who need email campaigns, landing pages and small websites built with love, humour and a lack of fuss. To feed my soul, I write this blog – 95% of what you are reading is what I have talked about, done or advised my friends to do in conversation. In some respects, this blog almost feels like a shortcut: all the resources, research and links are in one place so I can lazily point people in this direction in the future. In addition to this, I am starting up a side hustle, creating info-products. It’s fun and it’s something I can wrap around my clients and kids as an extra way to learn, earn and enjoy myself.

– Why did you make up your mind to do it like that?
The consultancy happened naturally: it’s something I am good at and I can do easily from home. However, it’s also a time-crunch: I have had a lot of days when the kids are at home sick, clients are calling in and you are just in crisis management. I swore to myself when I started down this road that I was going to have fun with my life – why else would I choose a route that meant more stress, irregular hours and irregular income? So, I started looking at businesses models that are less time-critical. With books, blogs and graphics, you still have to invest the time but you are not going to hit a speedbump if your child’s school is closed or if you want to have a day off. Finally, I thrive on synchronicity: learning – making connections and seeing opportunities along the way.

– How do you go against received wisdom to make yourself happier, more productive and abundant? By setting goals that would make me happy instead of the ones society thinks I should have. Instead of pursuing the job title, the salary, the impressive office or the jet-set lifestyle, I wanted something simpler: independence, freedom and stress-free time with my family. Once I had those goals in place, it became much easier to design my life (and business!) to fit. It also gives me the confidence to turn down opportunities that (on paper) seem like a good fit for me.

– What do you do differently in your work to illustrate this?
I am very picky about my clients! I only have a handful at any one time and they can expect respect, attention and a contribution far beyond that of a contractor. In return, I expect them to observe my boundaries, communicate honestly and expect crazy ideas. At school, I was always the weird one and I tried to hide it. In business, I now celebrate it.

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