Three easy fitness workouts for when you are tired

Trying to do exercise when you are tired often feels like another chore. If you are on your knees from a lack of sleep, anything that can be cut from the morning routine feels helpful.

Be kind to yourself. You don’t have to do an intense, bouncy workout if you were up at 3am with the baby. But if you approach your exercise as a form of self-care, it can help you feel good about yourself and your day, even after a hellish start.


love Pilates. On the days when I have less than four hours of sleep and the kids are grumpy, it’s my saviour. I generally prioritise getting everyone fed and out of the house for the school run and treat myself to the yoga mat when the rush is over. Depending on her mood, my toddler either joins in or watches cartoons on the sofa.

Try this gentle YouTube video or download one of the popular phone apps. I enjoy using 5 minute Pilates from the Android store as it’s simple enough for beginners and you can play music in the background.


Go slow and stretch. Yoga is great if you really need to slow down (and stop to feed the baby!). This fitness video is deliberately aimed at releasing anxiety, with soothing music.


It sounds odd to suggest a dance workout when you are knackered, but the upbeat music and flailing limbs in all directions can actually energise you. Just five minutes, moving as little or as much as you want can put a smile on your face. There are Zumba workouts on Netflix and Amazon streaming, plus this happy little number below, from YouTube.

Good luck and make time for yourself. Your family will thank you for it.

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