Maternity leave is THE best time to redesign your life

I suspect you are looking at this blog title in disbelief. If this is your first child, you life has exploded in ways you never thought would happen and you resent the fact your partner still has the adult routine of work, sleep and time to think. If this is your second child, you are probably reading this on your phone, in the toilet, whilst your kids are banging the door outside.

However, this may also be the first opportunity you may have ever had to step off the life escalator and think about what you really want for yourself. Society is very, very good at molding our expectations. From the time we could walk, we have been be trained to be polite, work hard, push for qualifications, brush our teeth, get a job, find a partner, create a home….you can see where I am coming from.

And here you are. In that house (or flat), with a screaming child, no standard routine and a fuzzy idea of how much sleep you have had.

The truth is, most of us sleepwalk through life, because it is easier. We join the gym because you just have to follow the fitness instructor instead of thinking about the moves. You jump on the treadmill to chat to a friend. You go for the job promotion because it’s more money (never mind the stress!). After all, it’s a tolorably way to get through the daty, you can shop at lunchtime and relax with your family in the evening.

Until recently, I was in the same trap. The 9 – 5 job is a template most of us never question: it’s the social norm. If you are a shiftworker you are usually compensated for the odd hours. If you want to do better, you need to put in the hours.

What if we didn’t have to?

What if you could do your fitness in 10 minutes a day? With HIT routines you can! Check out this fitness video, or visit myfitnesspal blog for a 4 week workout to ease you into it. I personally do it in my pyjamas as part of my morning routine as it gets it out of the way, before the school run.

What if you could change your waistline radically, just by drinking more water and cutting out refined sugar? Not easy when you are sleep deprived and I will happily admit I only stick to it because I meal plan and keep alternative snacks around at all times.

The internet has made flexible working a reality, from sticking with your job to freelancing across the world to setting up your own online shop. Here in the UK, the cost of childcare is pricing many women out of work for several years, leading to the shocking gender pay gap published a few weeks ago. What if you could dictate your owns hours? Or set up a side hustle if you want to stay home? Being a mother no longer means helpless dependancy: this is the precise time to rewrite your life.

What makes you happy? Really happy? In-between childcare, I meditate, read, hula-hoop and write this blog. How will you reclaim your life?

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