Me, as a less-than-fit mum!

Me with the smallest squish. My elder one is running around, somewhere to the left of me!


I visited the gym three times a week, snowboarded, surfed and ran a half-marathon whilst pregnant.  But after the birth of my son, I realised my old lifestyle was not going to work. An hour at the gym is a distant dream when you barely had time to eat a meal and running would mean less baby-free time to sleep.Heck, just pushing the buggy around the park was a minor victory.

Oddly enough, I made peace with chronic sleep deprivation by the time I had my daughter. The enemy now was time: I was a human ping-pong between the demands of my baby and my toddler. Just keeping them alive until bedtime was a challenge. Once they were asleep, I would lie on the floor of my sitting room in the evenings and luxuriate in not being touched.

The turning point

As soon as the littlest squish learned to walk, I had two children running away from me in opposite directions. It was time to get fit, as fast as possible. Crucially, it also had to be fun – I get bored very quickly, so a single fitness video was not going to work. It also had to be child-safe as they like to join in!

I started researching: everything from hula hooping to zombie running. My family laughed, my friends asked for tips. I started drafting articles and saving links. And that’s how this blog came into being.

This website is for any mother who does not have time to do conventional fitness but wants to keep up with the kids. I have tried every suggestion, review or video linked on this site, before posting it, in the hope it may help you.I am no superwomen or fitness fanatic, so most of my recommendations are for beginners. Good luck. Go forth and play.


I am not a qualified doctor, midwife or fitness professional. If you have any concerns about starting a new type of exercise, please speak to them first. I expect readers to use their common sense and knowledge of their bodies to judge a safe fitness level and I do not accept any form of liability for injuries that may occur due to this blog’s information.