5 ways to exercise on no sleep

Sometimes you don’t want a heavy duty HIT routine when the baby is teething or you are up all night with a croupy toddler. Here’s 5 fast fixes to get you off the sofa and smiling.

  1. Fartlek School Dash
    You have literally no time! You overslept, you are late for school run and you barely brushed your teeth, let alone had coffee. It’s time to speed up the school run with Fartlek intervals (man “speed play”). This will get your heartrate up, improve your endurance, put a smile on your face and beat that school bell.

The best way to do this is in trainers, with a decent supportive bra. But I have done it in boots, when desperate. Pick an object – it can be the car, a lampost, a mum in front of you will a bobble hat. Race your child. If your child is too young to run, get them to point to an object instead or even simply shout out “stop” and “go” as you push the buggy.

If you do this on a regular basis, do be prepared to end up in a pack of kids at the school gate who think it’s amazing fun. At least you have fitness science on your side!

2. Dancefit: Sky
Sky has released Dancefit 1 & 2 for download. It’s only 10 minutes long, low impact and very easy to follow. I have done it when the kids are eating breakfast and it’s a great way to shake away your broken sleep. Ok, at least temporarily.

3. Power Yoga Ultimate Weight Loss Workout: Amazon Prime
If you have 20 minutes and a mat (or towel), try this workout. I did this just after the school run and even with a 2-year-old child on my back for parts of it, the result was still relaxing. The trick is to take things slowly, especially when you are warming up.

4. Housework
Yes, picking up toys is a valid training exercise, especially if you squat. You can also do stair climbing, stretches, lunges and side twists. Just pick your music and get going!

5. Swimming
It can seem more work than it’s worth to go swimming, especially with a small child to dress. However, it’s also a low-stress workout, even if you are just walking around the pool with your baby in your arms. My top tips are:

  • Go for really easy clothing. Jogging bottoms for your toddler, yoga pants for yourself: anything to minimize the changing struggle
  • If you have a baby, always take an extra towel. you can then lay them on the floor, on the clean towel whilst you are changing and do the same when you are getting in the pool.
  • Take snacks. For everyone
  • Sing nursery rhymes, make faces, just have fun. For example, my toddler does not want to be held now, so she paddles next to me in her swim belt, whilst I go around her in circles pretending to be “Mummy Shark”.

Good luck and pick your naps, when you can!