5 for 5: ways to procrastinate and exercise

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I am the Queen of procrastination. In fact, this blog was written, just to avoid weeding the garden. (I am going to ignore my husband glaring at me now).

So, it’s no surprise that I would prefer doing exercise to something more boring. Jumping jacks v lego pick up? No contest. I even make it into a game – if Captain Choas can clear his floor in the time it takes me to do a set of stretches, he gets an ice cream. If he doesn’t? Well, he can help me peg the washing out. Childhood memories need to be made one way or the other, after all.

Here are 5 of my favourite exercise procrastinators. Each one takes 5 minutes and needs little or no equipment. So, screw the dishes and get down and sweaty.

Top tip: don’t overthink it. Or you just put the kettle on and wander around aimlessly.

Five-minute pilates stretch video. It’s a fantastic one for the end of the day.

– Any workout from the 7 minute HIT app. (You will need a sports bra for this one. I tend to do this one in the morning, whilst the kids are eating breakfast.)

Android version
iPhone version

Five-minute standing abs. Great if you need a break from the computer

3-minute hip hop workout. The kids love this one.

– Finally, skipping! It’s a great all rounder and something I team with hooping when out in the garden. Just two minutes will up your heart and get your blood moving.

If you want to get more scientific about it, try the following exercise sequence from Shape Magazine.

Do the circuit twice, resting for up to 2 minutes in between.

1. 1 minute jump roping with both feet together
2. 20 lunges (10 per side)
3. 1-minute alternate-foot jump roping (as if you were running in place)
4. 10 pushups
5. 1-minute jump roping with both feet together
6. 30-second plank
7. 1 minute alternate-foot jump roping

You will get the best results from using a weighted rope – I use a similiar similar one to this*, although I have to keep an eye out for the toddler wandering close to me. Weighted ropes are immensely satisfying to swing and you will tone up if you use them consistently.

Do you have a favourite five-minute filler? Let me know in the comments below!

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