Make it a game

Why should kids have all the fun? Young children automatically know how to play and stay fit, as soon as they are given the chance. You only have to watch them on the playground to see how they bounce off each other, invent games and charge around, completely lost in the moment. You can have that too.

Playing is just a habit, like brushing our teeth or zipping a coat. It does not matter if you feel silly (and you will, to start with). Ditch the self-consciousness and experiment. Dance with your mop. Squat when taking the washing out of the machine. Skip to the bus stop.

Or you could plan ahead and work it into your normal routine. It only takes five minutes to get your heart rate going – so you don’t have to commit to formal fitness to get fitter. On the school run? Do sprints with the kids between objects. Try skipping, jumping or doing press-ups on benches in the park. Be silly. Be deliberately silly – your kids will join in. Just the one young baby? That’s perfect for buggyfit.

Suprise your kids

Get up, right now, and do one of the following:
– Run up & down the stairs twice. There is a monster after you!
– Pick a nursery rhyme. Grand old Duke of York is great for squats and sits ups – and your baby will love it (over 6 months old).
– Feeling really tired? Lie on the floor (yes, your kids will crawl all over you! You can bicycle, plank, sit up or just stretch.)
– Be a horse. Great exercise with preschoolers plus giggles!
– Play hide and seek in the house. Just try to ignore the chores!
Put this tune on and dance to it. Added points if you can actually dance.

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